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Infrastructure Upgrade

In the coming weeks we will be upgrade all the underlying infrastructure from Windows Server2012R2 to Server2016 for much needed improvements in the Hyper-V cluster that supports 90% of our infrastructure, We will also be moving, most of the VPS to a faster KVM based HA cluster nested inside the Hyper-v cluster a few weeks

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Ditching Multicraft.

Due to continued licensing issues with multi craft, Mainly with their licensing servers not authenticating valid licenses, We will be starting a process to migrate to MCmyadmin instead, This may involve a slight downtime but will result in less in the future.


Update: The multi craft issues have been resolved. MultiCraft Appears to be having issues with their licensing software and that is causing some interruptions with shared minecraft servers, We will update here when they report the issue has been resolved.

Core Maintenance.

Update: At this time all maintenance has been completed and all services will be coming back online. We currently have maintenance scheduled for Monday April 11th to do a repair on the core SAN network, Due to the nature of this repair All services except email will be down between 6:00pm and 9:30 PM EST

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Raid Degraded.

Currently the Raid array for Minecraft Server node 2 has had a drive fail and is currently rebuilding the array, No data has been lost however the performance of the array will suffer until the rebuild is completed, ETA is within 24 Hours barring any further complications. We will update here on the situation when

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We had a very substantial DDOS attack this weekend due to one user who thought he would get more traffic by DDoSing other peoples server so they would have to come to his, The users account has been terminated and their IP null routed, Any other users attempting similar tactics will be terminated and null

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