Monthly Archives: October 2015


Update: All maintenance has been completed, All Minecraft Servers have been moved to new nodes. The login panels have been unified to a single panel. All files were copied over and port numbers should be the same. The integrated FTP client is now fully functional (including the unzip function that now works), Other FTP clients

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FTP Unzip Issues

We are currently experiencing issues with the unzip function of Multicraft. All the other functions for uploading files still work. If you have a large world zip that you need uploaded, simply upload the file and send me an email through the support form on Multicraft and i will manually unzip the files. We are

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FTP Limit Issues

We have been made aware of some issues with the Multi-Craft FTP, the size was limited down to 2MB, The issues seems to be the result of an update done on the first of the month. We are still working on getting the issue resolved, The cap has currently been increased to 2GB. We are

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The Minecraft servers went down for about 5 minutes this morning for some maintenance. Maintenance was completed and all servers should be up and running, if you have any issues with multi-craft or the Minecraft instances please send me a message fro the contact form on this site or the multi-craft page.

More licenses for Minecraft servers!

In order to raise the funds to purchase more licenses for the Multicraft Control panel i have started an indigogo campaign at–2#/. If you would like a server but they are unavailable due to licensing donate to the campaign, if you did not want to wait for the campaign to finish then you can

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More Free MC servers coming soon.

We are currently in the process of obtaining more licenses for MultiCraft which will allow us to have more free Minecraft Servers. We expect to have them available around the beginning of December. Remember to keep checking for free servers as they do become available overtime as spots are freed up.