Monthly Archives: August 2015

Ram Upgrade

The Space Engineers, 7 Days to Die, CS:GO , and TF2 Servers have all had their memory upgraded. Both of the Minecraft servers will be being replaced in the coming month. Downtime is expected to be about 6 Hours. I will update with a set date for the upgrade when I have secured and tested

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Server Maintenance.

Update: The raid array finished rebuilding early this morning and all should be back to normal. Attention: The Minecraft/Space engineers sever went down for emergency maintenance to replace a raid card that failed, No data was lost and the server is back up, Please not while the raid array is being reconstructed hard drive performance

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Regional Connection points.

In order to improve latency for some players, i have bee working on implementing remote gateways that are connected to the main Datacenter via IPsec tunnels, preliminary testing shows a 15-20% drop for some players in the Midwest united states, the first stages of long term testing are about to start, and for the next

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